Friday, August 04, 2006

windows 2003 server std (sp1) : disk manager couldn't count ?!

Studying storage chapter for 70-290 last night, I created four 100M virtual disks under VMware Player. IDE2:0 didn't show after reboot, so I guess the free vmware player supports only 4 IDE devices after all.
Using disk manager (diskmgmt.exe), I initialized the three new disks as 'basic disk'. I then tried to create three primary partitions on disk1 in the size of 8M, 16M, 24M and in that order. The first 8M created properly. The 16M one showed up as a 8M, even if the partition-creation wizard's confirmation summary clearly showed I asked for 16M. The 24M one I intended to create was created at11M ?! I wonder if this has anything to do with the fact the minimum size is 8M. For all three, I answered it not to assign drive letter nor to format. Not sure what's wrong with this picture, except maybe, maybe vmware player.

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