Friday, August 18, 2006

Citrix Netscaler :: wildcard not so wild for Content Switch (continued)

I dialed into a conference call with the Citrix lady this afternoon. She told me that answers she got internally are that the RegExp pattern "jack*" wont' work at all for any builds for current Netscaler 6.1 release. What a disappointment! Her inquiry on whether the coming 7.0 release, currently in RC-CR phase (RC stands for release candidate while CR stands for controlled release), will have it was redirected to Citrix developers in India. Answer is pending,
since people are sound asleep at that part of the world right now.

Not sure why this would be a question for developers instead of for some project manager here in the states. You'd think there got to be some form of project plan or use cases or feature lists or fixed bugs for a major release now in RC mode? Should I hold that against Citrix's development or PM process?

Could I just read too much into it, as usual? No. This is by stark contrast with F5's much more mature and systematic approach towards release management.

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