Sunday, August 06, 2006

super wal-mart moved in, when'd Fry's ?

a super wal-mart opened this week three miles from our house. It replaced a regular Wal-Mart some snobbish neighbors had complained about.

We toured it today. Walking the long aisles packed with snacks and such, I realized a trend. That is, Wal-Mart has determined to move closer to the city, to the rich neighborhoods which Wal-Mart used to shun away from due to consideration of target clienette, as well as real estate price. Does this mean the biz at far-out skirts are saturated, and/or the real estate price is comparatively reasonable enough near the city now. Or, Wal-Mart just wants a piece of the juicy/fat pie that Costo is having esp. during recent econoic downturn?

No matter the answer, the competition is definitely ON, for Costco, BJ, Target/Kroger/Publix and other mom-pop shops. As a techie, I can't help but wonder when Fry's would follow the lead ? Right now, the closest Fry's is 20 miles away.

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