Friday, August 11, 2006

recruiter & spam

I chatted with a recruiter yesterday regarding some not-so-interesting positions they need to fill. I went with the flow, thinking hard the top three things I'd like to change at my current job which would makes me so happy that I wouldn't want to leave any more. I took it as assisted mediatation in seek of ultimate happiness.
needless to say, she verified my email address so she can send me something. Later in the afternoon around 4pm, she sent an invitation for some online skill testing.
Around 6pm, I received over 30 spam emails. You know the kind, porn and stuff.  She sent me regular email before, so I'd hold responsible this online skill testing server or its aid who has added my email addresses. I have 1 or two spam show up in INBOX, while the rest was caught by the ISP's spam filters. once a year I may see a surge like this in the INBOX.

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