Thursday, August 24, 2006

sp5 for BES v4.0 :: many more fixes than other service packs

I finally got some time to myself today: my son is asleep when I am
back from work. So, I went ahead to download the release-notes for
service pack 5 for BES v4.0. For work, I administrate a BES 4 server
currently on v4.0.4. To my big surprise, there's tons of fixes in
this service pack, many are for bugs for old sp1/sp2 and many are for
serious BES performance/reliability issues. I don't recall this many
fixes in release notes for other service packs. (To be fair, I started
with 4.0.2) I guess this could be that RIM finally can concentrate on
its product and customers, after settling the patent lawsuits.

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