Wednesday, August 16, 2006

scsi disk image by QEmu for VMWare Player for a Windows 2003 guest

I need to have at least three spare disks to check out the RAID5 in Windows 2003 server, a guest OS running inside VMWare player with Windows XP as the host OS. I usually use QEMU's qemu-img command to create IDE disk images. However, VMWare player declined to take IDE2, and declined to allow me to use IDE1:0 (the cd-rom) as a disk device.

So, I thought I'd just use SCSI disks then. Not so fast, they say. QEMU doesn't support SCSI disk image. A Romaian hacker reported an altered qemu-img to create SCSI disk image. Unfortunately, his link on 'hack a day' returned a 404 error. not sure how far I want to go to get more than three spare disks for the RAID5 configuration practice needed for my MCP 70-290.

Ignoring the warning about the disks are IDE disks labeled as SCSI disks, I booted up the server. found-new-hardware wizard started. a driver was found but an 'aged' one, thus Windows 2003 server fails to install the new hardware named 'Buslogic multimaster scsi adapater' or something like that. bummer. I guess I'd just give it up for now, and take their words for it?

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