Wednesday, March 14, 2007

RHEL 5 is released today

Tonight, I read a review by Linux Format , the best-selling Linux magazine in the UK. The review is done for the latest RHEL 5 (Redhat Enterprise 5) which is released today. Technology enhancements are welcomed, such as those in SELinux administration and full integration of Xen virtualization as expected from Fedora Core 6.  The review also included an Q/A interview with Nick Carr, general manager, RHEL.

More noteworthy is that, Redhat Inc., as a company, has revamped its support, marketing, customer relation plan, and its relationship with the open source community. As stated in the review, the company has realigned the whole company to work better with the open source community as well as their enterprise customers. 
  • The one page SLA
  • server/client flavor versus the traditional WS/ES/AS flavors for RHEL3 and RHEL4.