Wednesday, August 02, 2006

what a shame: ASR stopped to work (server 2003 SP1 bug & fix)

It is disheartening to have ASR failure after SP1 applied to a DC based on Windows 2003 server. More so is the fix per MS technet article. One option is to relocate the AD/DS log to C:\ where the AD/DS database is. This option requires you to reboot the domain controller server to 'AD recovery mode' then run a dsutils.exe to relocate the logs. This dsutils.exe is not even installed by default! Moreover, having DS log on a different volume is recommended by MS for best-practice. Talking about testing against your own use cases!!!

As I know better with extensive UNIX/Linux experience, such a log relocation would be and should be simply a 'kill -HUP pidOfProcess' after changing some configuration file for this process, no matter how important it is, to point to the new location of the log files. Users should not even know a thing about it.

is this just blastings from a unix guy, or windows guys kinda agree or wished for as well?

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