Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Employer questionnaire

While stir-frying long beans for dinner, I received a call from a recruiter named Jack. He told me that an employer wants an interview and wants me to fill out some simple Q/A. I could tell that he was disappointed that I was not as excited as he was. Plainly, I asked him to send it my way via email then back to cooking. Barely in time to save my stir-fry long beans from burning into dark sticks.

Not sure why he just sent an email saying the same thing w/o any interaction from me. Human nature, or occupational hazard? After dinner, I retreated to my study and checked my inbox. It turned out that the Q/A is not for HR, but simple technical questions regarding Linux/Solaris operating systems. I answered them. To be sure, I googled to double check myself, before I shoot it back to the recruiter.

Three thoughts:

  • If I know where/how to find the info and can use the info properly, would it be enough ?
  • I am certified on both Linux and Solaris and have years of professional experience with them. However, I haven't touched either for a year. Who am I to remember three -v is needed to get the most verbose output from openSSH? Is this a sign that I should run away from this employer if this is his/her expectation?
  • If I do a 'man ssh' on my Linux Desktop to get that the exact answer is '-vvv' instead of 'a few -v' I initially wrote down, am I cheating ?

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