Sunday, August 13, 2006

useless junk with important information

Finally got some free time today to clean up the junk pile on my desk. For a few weeks, I could barely find enough space to put my hands on the keyboard to type.

Majority in the pile are actually important mails, such as a few statements from brokerages, bank, premium increase of home insurance, termite warranty payment stub, 2006 county tax notification, and on and on. I never can draw a clear line whether I should thread them right away or keep them for a year just in case. If I keep, then I need to sort them now and remember to come back to sort out them for threading or archiving yet again. what a bore.

All these smart people on earth, why nothing has been invented for this mess of junk?! Or the blame falls right on me. That is, I have too many possessions and decide not to give up an inch or thread, depending what it is. If I were able to follow the spirit of Zen, I'd be able to live with myself with much less from this earthy world, I'd be just as happy through the warranty period of this bio-form of life in this cycle.

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