Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Fedora Core 6 security improvement :: refined SELinux policy managment and more

After a stock installation of the Fedora Core Linux 6, I am pleasantly surprised at the first boot, with the SELinux policy management GUI at part of the 'firstboot' program. You can collapse to set granular policies for services of your interest. For each service, all you need to do is to check or to uncheck policy items .Such a nice GUI management would definitely help greatly to unleash the raw power of SELinux to system administrators or even security administrators who would otherwise have to spend much more time to study, research, and to manage SELinux policy effectively.

The same SELinux policy management tool is readily accessible under System-> Administration->Security Level and Firewall. I guess the name of the applet has not really caught up with this new integration.

Of course, a system won't be secure unless it can be kept up-to-date with all good security patches and updates. In that regard, FC6 is improved as well. The update notification applet is improved to make the update process point-and-click compliant. You will get Package Updater running all GUI to assist regular desktop users to keep their system up to date.

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