Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Blogger :: a work in progress, beta or not

I joined Technorati and I learned it is supposedly a great thing to have proper label (Blogger's or Google's terminology) or tags (Technorati's term). A few nights back. I started to retrofit my then fifty some posts with labels. I selected a post to edit, added a label or two, then published it again. Back to the main 'edit posts' screen, all the posts looked the same, with or without labels. I said to myself, wouldn't it be great the labels be showed next to the associated post?!

Today I resumed my label-retrofitting task. Lo & behold, the 'edit posts' page has all current labels displayed, just like Gmail does for each messages. Wow, progress!

Editing posts, I noticed the oldest few have hard breaks (
) which broke the lines. The new posts don't have this problem, even if all of them were posted from Gmail.

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