Wednesday, October 11, 2006

face lift :: switched to Blogger beta (continued)

Other nice features (some are more like bug fixes) are
  • perma link if you click on the title of any post
  • secondary bullets work now. Before Blogger beta, secondary bullets were automatically promoted, even though the HTML code ( UL embedded inside UL) and WYSIWYG editors on Blogger's 'Post Edit' or Gmail's composer shows proper layout of double indented secondary bullets.
  • the mysterious slice of the text ad link on top of my blog disappeared.
  • The editor used to 'edit posts' has two tabs. One is 'Edit Html'. The other is 'Compose'. Those two should really be 'simple WYSIWYG editing' versus 'advanced HTML coding'. I'll leave it to the legend of creative workers at Google/Blogger to cook up proper pair of names.
  • The use cases for the multi-blog feature are not as thought-through as other features. The profiles(about-me) share the same profile. As a test, I created a private blog. Email post to that blog doesn't work yet. Two emails were returned with permanent error by or something to that effect. Since the blogger id is the same, I wondered which blog of the two I own under the Google account should the email post be directed to. Since I had only one blog before Blogger beta, so I wouldn't know whether this is an old bug/feature or not.

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