Tuesday, November 07, 2006

AUUG November meeting :: Legal Concerns on Blogger & GPLv3

7:26pm last night, I finally made my way into the HP building across I-285 from Perimeter Mall. I couldn't find the front entry with some contruction blocked some part of the road, so I pulled in wherever I can into the only standing-tall building. A few employees passed me from the next lane and were kind enough to roll down their windows to inform me that a badge is required for after-hour access. I buzzed the security guy. Once I told him that I was here for the AUUG meeting, he attempted to buzz me in a few times, to no avail. So, he dispatched someone to come down to get it for me. While I was parking my car, he was standing there holding the door for me. I am really touched.
The presentation is on legal considerations for Bloggers and legal implications of new provisions in GPLv3. It is well done by two lawyers from Manning, Morris, and Somebody, a local law firm and one of the corporate sponsors of AUUG. I knew Linus was not a fan of GPLv3 because of some of the restrictive clauses. It is much clear made the presenter, the motivation behind it is some kinda vendetta against commercialism of some sort by an academic and a pure idealist.

Let me quote below the three most problematic clauses in GPLv3, as discussed in the presentation
  • patent retaliation
  • bundle rights
  • no locked key [ The lawyer's own research ]

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