Tuesday, September 12, 2006

wonder of modern technologies: MSN video conference allows my son dance for his grand-parents half-globe away

 Tonight, I put my son on the desk in my study. He danced, clapped hands, while his grandma and grandpa sang a song and cheered him on, via MSN Messeger & a pair of Logitec Pro 4000 webcams. All in real time, across half a globe.  Hearing ans sharing the laughter and joy on both sides of the MSN screen, I am once again amazed by the wonders of video conferencing and the technology advancement that made all this possible, even though I am an IT professional by trade.

It is certainly inconceivable to send electronic mail just forty years ago, much less a video conference.  My uncle lives several states away from home since his teens. His siblings including my mom visited only once when he turned 60. The only connection they have is a greeting card for the new year.

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